Today my iPod stopped working. This afternoon, I turned it on and had to face a never-ending black and apple logo screen. It’s not an old iPod – a 3GS bought this December – yet hardly after six months of owning it, its crapped out.

Recently I shared a similar experience with a PSP (my first mistake, I know). I went to the store to purchase a PSP with a friend and it took me three visits to the gameshop and five PSP’s to get one that actually worked. The first five were plagued with pox marks – dead cells that kept on growing with each return. The customer rep I worked with even got fed-up and ended up returning my money (I had to buy the PSP from a different shop entirely. Thankfully the sixth time is the charm).

Now, I’ve owned quite a few game systems (Gameboy, DS, Nintendo 64, PS2, Xbox 360, and Wii) and none of them have given me problems; my Nintendo 64, Gameboy and PS2 work fabulously to this day. Yet with recent gaming systems, they seem to amass a bunch of defaults. With each slimmer upgrade, the quality of the system goes down.

My friend bought a pre-used PSP 2nd generation and has dropped it multiple times, the thing a massive rock. But I fear for the day I drop my PSP slim, the casing so breakable. With the introduction to the Xbox 360 slim, already concerns about it have arisen, one factor being that it eats disks. This adding onto the problems (like the red ring of death) that the Xbox is currently carrying (and yes I know that the SLIM has a built in no red ring feature).

So my question is: are SLIM products a good thing? Or by making sure manufactures give us slimmer, lighter products, are we insuring that we the consumer get crappy products?

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