Princess Tutu AMV

One of my favourite anime is Princess Tutu. It stars a duck (named Duck) who wishes to be a girl to bring a smile to the prince’s face (Mytho) who comes down to her pond every day. A strange man named Drosselmeyer grants her wish and gives her the ability to become Princess Tutu, a guardian of Mytho. It comes with a catch of course: Duck can not tell the prince that she loves him or she risks turning back into her duck form.

This anime is a must see for any fan of the magical shoujo series (yet it’s much more than a Sailor Moon rip off). It intertwines classical music and ballet seamlessly into the anime, making Princess Tutu one of the most unusual and fantastic anime out there.

While looking for information on Princess Tutu, I found this wonderful AMV. Its is called “Hold Me Now,” sung by Nanne Grönvall. AMV created by Marissa Panachio. Very large Spoiler warning if you haven’t seen Princess Tutu as the AMV follows the show through all its episodes. But for those who have seen Princess Tutu, it is a must watch for any fan.

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