Dragon Age 2 News

Breaking news on Dragon Age 2 has been released, fans finding out more abou the sequel to the RPG favourite Dragon Age: Origins.

With new news comes outspokefan vocies and a shit storm is a brewing on the forums in BioWare’s Social Network. The big news on Dragon Age 2 has been released, and not all fans are happy.

The biggest concerns from fans seem to stem from the fact that you play as a Human in DA2 (male or female), but you can not do race customization as in Dragon Age: Origins. For many who played as Elves or Dwarfs, the fact that you play as a Human character is unfathomable and is taking away one of the core reasons they loved DA:O.

While I played as a Human in my first run through, my new game is focused around playing as an Elf. I am having lots of fun learning about his Origin story and I think the different Origin stories and races bring depth to the story and playthrough. So rather hesitantly, I am looking forward to see how BioWare is going to handle this one man/woman Human show.

The other news that has some in a stint, is that the main character is pre-named as Hawke. This change (once again) taking away from the full properties of customization.

I’m okay with the pre-name as I am playing the Mass Effect series as well (which is another grievance of some on the Forums – that DA is becoming too much like its sci-fi sibling). Yet, I still enjoyed naming my character, customizing him/her, and picking his/her race. All that said however, I am looking forward to seeing what BioWare has done to hopefully improve its beloved series. The only fact I am rather sad about is that I’ll never be able to continue my friendship and romance options. I had wanted to see my character and Zevran interact once again.

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