Mass Effect

Well, I have been busy procrastinating and playing Mass Effect so this site has suffered over the past weeks (*ashamed*).

I finished Mass Effect (hurrah!) and have imported my female Shepard into Mass Effect 2. It took me about 28 hours to finish Mass Effect (completing a majority of side quests as well) and I have to say I was blown away by the sheer awesomeness of the game.

Having played Dragon Age: Origins and completing it, I knew Mass Effect would be a good game, but I was still enthralled by the story in Mass Effect and how it all came together in the end. The only draw back I found to be in Mass Effect was the rover. The Mako controls were the least awesome aspect of the game. They could be cumbersome and the shooting aspect was not as fun as having my team shoot-up Geth with my own gun. But thankfully, I learned to run like a manic through enemies if I found myself in a precarious situation (that and the controls got a bit easier to manage the more times you found yourself scooting in the Mako – which is a lot).

Mako aside, Mass Effect was a glorious game filled with top-notch action and story telling. I was routinely moved and pulled into the plot and couldn’t wait for the showdown between my team and Saren (one of the big bads in Mass Effect). The romance aspect of Mass Effect was also equally enjoyable, my female Shepard badassing her way into Kaidan Alenko’s heart. However, I wish that female Shepard had had more romantic options, her only real choices being Kaidan and Liara.

Romantic options aside, Mass Effect is a great story driven game that should not be missed. I know that the second I get free time, I will be sucked right back into BioWare’s sci-fi opera.

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