Avatar: Legend of Korra – The Cycle Begins Again

B/N: I have been wanting to make a post about Korra for a while, but time passed me by and I forgot to blog about it. Well now is better then never, eh?

Avatar: Legend of Korra is the newest fledgling of Avatar: The Last Airbender creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino, and boy am I excited to hear the news.

Avatar: Legend of Korra is set after Avatar Aang’s death, 70 years after the final battle in season three. It will follow a girl named Korra and her adventures as the newest Avatar. Although she is not Aang’s and Katara’s daughter (Aang having to be dead for the next Avatar to come into being), their son Tenzin seems to be part of Korra’s gaang.

The season will also be shorter, coming to a close at 12 episodes (not enough for me, but hopefully that will make the series tighter and more efficient). The mood of Avatar: Legend of Korra will also be darker, playing more with the adult themes that were subdued in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

May Korra be short or long. Darker or funny, I am really looking forward to its  2011 (fingers-crossed) unveiling.

(Information taken from: Speakeasy, which hosts a great interview people should read.

I love how DiMartino and Koietzko bypass and questions about the live action movie and what they think of it. Priceless.)

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