Mass Effect 2 – Slight Spoilers May Surface Below

My name is Kalaya and I am suffering from Mass Effect addiction.

Yesterday, I played Mass Effect until my fingers cried out “no more!” having to play until I got the Professor and Archangel, and do a few side quests as well.

I also recruited downloadable squad member Zaeed, but find the fact that I can not have interview like questions with him strange (the dialogue wheel not coming up when prompted). It would be nice to be able to pick his brains.

In ME2 it also seems easier to woo your team mates. Jacob has already blushed and fumbled around my Shepard, the chance to seduce him available. Also Yeoman Kelly has already shown interest in femShep (which might be my fault since I said I would “embrace her” if she fell – I had too. The choice beckoned to me.)Unfortunately, there seems to be no gay romance options for male Shepard as in the previous Mass Effect game. But the HoYay factor for female Shepard and female crew mates is once again in abundance. Which is disappointing, since you think if BioWare had time to make female members bisexual/omnisexual, they could make a male characters bisexual/omnisexual as well.

My favourite scene in ME2 so far has been when Shepard gives Doctor Chakwas a bottle of Serrice Ice Brandy. It is funny and sweet moment between the two, making Doctor Chakwas a fuller character as the two bond.

Joker also has a lot more dialogue and input when you ask about the missions. Which is great since Seth Green is hilarious.

The biggest selling point for me in ME2 right now, is that the Mako element has been removed. It has been replaced by a drop shuttle which is not user controlled. Huzzuah! Now the only problem with ME2 is that I am not at home playing it.

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