Mass Effect – My Obsession Grows

Small spoilers for ME1 & ME2 below.

I think I should just call this blog “Mass Effect Discovered,” as my post once again is about this glorious game.

Yesterday I didn’t do much on ME2, but I bought trinkets. I got obsessed with buying model ships (I had to buy the model Normandy. I’m on a reconstructed Normandy with a reconstructed Normandy model ship – amazing). For some reason seeing model ships in Shepard’s quarters makes me happy.

 I also bought fish and a hamster in the Citadel. It’s cool that you can actually feed the fish and see them swim to the top to eat. Great touch. While I was trying to see if my hamster could come out of his cage, I also found out that Shepard has a washroom in her cabin. You can get her to go in and flush the toilet. Again and again.

The new Citadel has been improved as well since ME and advertisement holospheres are one of the newest and funny additions. Hearing an elcor recite Hamlet is something every one should hear at least once.

I also like the new way Shepard gets discounts from stores by giving her endorsement. It makes me laugh every time she goes into a store the words “My name is Commander Shepard and this is my favorite store on the Citadel,” ring through it. (You would think someone would catch onto her lies…)

After my shopping spree, I helped a few people and quarians on the Citadel then went off to seek the original Normandy. Completing that task, I called it a ME2 night and read Mortal Coils by Eric Nylund (some people might know him as the guy who wrote Halo novels). If anyone likes Zelazny, they should check Nylund’s work out.

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