Apple needs to stop messing with my MIND

Recently, I received an email for the new iPod touch, for the exclusive reason to make me jealous and wish that the lottery association people loved me.

Apple sends me these emails to taunt me.

Looking at the email and then at the Apple website, a small weeping sensation takes over me. The new iPod touch comes with FaceTime, Retina display, HD video recording, and Game Center. It’s like an iPhone, but with no expensive plan and more room for your tunes. I think I just rediscovered love — again.

I must admit, all the new features might not be pivotal to my existence. But when Apple tells me that I need Retina display on my iPod so I can have a higher pixel density, I can do nothing but be a slave to their whims and believe my overlords.

So if you haven’t cried in a while and feel the beginnings of a burning sensation in your eyes, check out the Apple website and don’t be ashamed when you start weeping like a baby.

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Managing life one step at a time.
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