Supernatural Episode 1 Overview – Spoilers Ahoy

After a long summer break, Supernatural is back and kicking ass – for the most part.

When we last saw the Winchester boys, Dean was moving in with Lisa and Ben, and Sam had jumped into Hell’s black vortex with their brother from another mother Adam; Sam magically popping out of Hell before the credits roll, peering into Lisa’s house like a jilted lover – alive.

One year later Dean is still playing house, trying to fit into Lisa and Ben’s normal life. Sam on the other hand has joined up with not so dead grandpa Samuel and Sam and Dean’s supposed cousins.

In the first episode, Dean is struggling with visions of Lisa’s death and his urges to hunt and have a normal family at the same time. Lisa and him have a few heart to hearts when Dean has an emotional breakdown – she tells him the past year had been the best year of her life, you know, besides the drinking, the mental freaks, Dean’s battle with depression, his search to find Sam, and the scare that demons might attack at any moment. Good times.

Episode 1 really is a starter, showing the distance between the two brothers and their fight to live with what they have. When Sam comes back, there is a short hug reunion, Dean not trusting of Sam, and Sam being shady towards his older brother. The rest of the episode follows Dean introduction to Samuel and the cousins, him being distrustful of them and then resenting Sam when he finds out the Sam had been out of Hell for a good year (no mention of Adam), and never bothered to say hi. Oh, and good old yellow eyes and some supernatural creatures make an appearance as well.

I found the whole Sam not telling Dean about his resurrection for one year stupid. Sure, Dean wanted a white picket fence life, but at the cost of losing Sam? No. I also wish they had made Lisa a more integral part of season 5 as well, and not just a perfect supporter of Dean to be used for some lameass drama in season 6 (overview of episode 2 will delve into this more).

In all, I liked the first episode, but didn’t love it. It was missing the jokes and the love between Sam and Dean that fueled previous seasons. Like Dean in season 5, season 6 episode 1, seemed a little dead inside.

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4 Responses to Supernatural Episode 1 Overview – Spoilers Ahoy

  1. I find sometimes if I've been waiting anxiously for the new season of a fave show, the first episode can't live up to my own hype. :o) Hopefully episode 2 will get you right back in the swing!

  2. Alex Rohne says:

    Ah I'm so glad to find someone who also loves this show! But yeah I'm a tad disappointed about the lack of info given, but then again I don't really want to get the entire story until they can shock me with it. I'm also not sure about this new director and the way he is going to spin things.

    I'm in agreement about the first episode, but the one from last Friday (Weekend at Bobby's) got me back on the bandwagon, I thought it was almost everything I loved about the other seasons. I also liked how they were able to make it less of the Dean show (as much as I love him!)

    But be sure, I will be standing vigil on the rest of the season, we'll see how it goes. 🙂

  3. KDW says:

    😀 Yay for fannishness!

    I'm a week behind, watching the episodes on SPACE 😦

    But yeah, so far the episodes have not been as good as previous seasons. “The Third Man” so far has been the best (to me), Castiel bringing the humour back into the show.

    I'm waiting for Sam and Samuel's story lines to unfold – I'm hoping it will be some shocking revelation I couldn't possibly fanthom.

    I haven't given up hope either! And if “Weekend at Bobby's” got you back on the bandwagon, that gives me hope for future eps!

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