The New MacBook Air

Yesterday, I received an email from Apple about the new MacBook Air.

Dear Kalaya,

We are happy to announce our new MacBook Air, resized for your convenience in 11 or 13 inches. We know you can’t afford either, or even a regular sized MacBook Air, but we thought you might want to feel inferior to our multibillion dollar corporation.

We realize that the starting price of $1049 might be too much for your broke student wallet, but we wanted to give you an incentive to reach for the stars. And even if you don’t make it to Proxima Centauri, you may one day land on the moon buy a regular MacBook.

We sincerely hope one day you’ll become part of our high-class patronage.

Your beloved frenemy,


Thanks Apple! I hope to one day be a part of your elite patronage as well. ❤ (Jokes aside, if any one wants to get me a MacBook Air, just leave a comment below. 😀 Please… ;_;)

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7 Responses to The New MacBook Air

  1. Anonymous says:

    As a dedicated Mac user, I appreciate your humour.
    Susanne from Applecouver, BC

  2. KDW says:

    Thanks Susie 😉 I live to serve.

  3. Drake Sigar says:

    I just wanted to leave you a comment to give you false hope. XD

  4. KDW says:

    @ Drake Sigar – Why does nobody love meeeeeee? *Weeps*

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is insiduous advertising. First Apple degrades you, makes you feel bad about not having their product, and then dangles the proverbial apple in front of you that you will feel better about yourself if you get their product. Resist the coporate mindscrew and tell Apple to stick where the stars don't shine. 🙂

    (p.s the only thing I can offer you is apple crisp)

    Resistance is not futile – unless you are the redshirt guy

    You know who

  6. I'd be willing to wager a candy apple that Anonymous REALLY likes Linux.

  7. KDW says:

    @Anonymous Hahaha. Thank you for standing up for me ;D And thanks for the apple crisp as well… mmmm…

    @Garth Yum, candy apples 🙂

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