Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

The Xbox 360 got an update yesterday – a total revamp of the dashboard. The dashboard is sleeker, silver, and slower.

The slower interface comes from going to and from pages and downloading games/demos. When I tried to dl the demo for Costume Quest, it took a few minutes longer to start the downloading process. But really, that’s a minor problem that will hopefully be fixed soon.

Besides that, I really like the new dashboard. My avatar looks even nicer somehow on the silver background and the new avatar setup to change clothing or body types is fresh and just as easy as before.

I’ll give the new dashboard a 9/10.

FYI: It takes a LONG time to install and finish updates so read a book while waiting (or play on your PSP/DS :D)

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4 Responses to Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

  1. Drake Sigar says:

    Indeed, very sharp and clean. It would be an improvement if it weren’t such a struggle loading simple menus! Personally I miss the old old dashboard, before practicality was replaced with flashiness.

  2. KDW says:

    I must admit that I haven't had my Xbox long enough for the old old dashboard 😦 But I agree that practicality should come before flashiness – but in this world, it hardly seems to be that way.

  3. Sorry, I hate this new Kinect dash. Everything's so bright and colourful, and there's even MORE ads to sift through. Seems a bit laggier too. I miss the blades dash.

  4. @Mike Yeah, there are more ads 😦 I was hoping that they'd have fixed the lag issues by now, but no luck. Microsoft's not on top of things at the moment.

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