Vista vs. Windows 7

Having used both Vista and Windows 7 software programs, I wanted to talk about the differences and how they are the same.

How they are different:

– 7 has a slightly nicer layout, but really it’s the same as Vista
– 7’s Sticky notes are easier to use
– on 7 Skype comes preprogramed
– the calculator is easier to find on 7
– shut down instead of restart on Windows 7’s menu
– the Applelike docking system on 7
– 7 runs smoother

How they are the same:

– everything else is basically the same (and what isn’t, isn’t important to my rant)

As nothing else really has changed, it makes me wonder why companies like Microsoft put out Windows 7 instead of just vamping up Vista through an update (besides the loads and loads of cash). I’ve seen this happen over and over again, and my money just trickles down the drain. I mean I still use XP and it works just as well as Windows 7. (I will give 7 the thumbs up for its prettiness factor however.)

This leads me to Microsoft Word. I hate Word 2010’s layout. I yearn for the 2005 edition. Why did you have to go and change a good thing? IT SUCKS.

And on a total different subject why is the UPS guy always so slow? I really want Rune Factory 3 ;-;

Um so that’s it. I just wanted to air my grievances.

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2 Responses to Vista vs. Windows 7

  1. Drake Sigar says:

    Windows Vista was so riddled with bugs they probably just decided to hit the reset button and create Windows 7. Heard there’s some deal going round where Vista users who input their registration key can get Windows 7 cheaper.

    I have Word 2007, they totally ruined it. Why would MS take a convenient layout we’ve been using for years and bugger it up?!

  2. KDW says:

    Yeah, you can get Windows 7 cheaper – for me I didn't need a barcode or anything, the Microsoft website just knew I was behind the times with Vista and told me I could get it cheaper if I upgraded (which I didn't do because I'm lame that way).

    I don't know why they changed the format :/ Every time I use Word 2010 I feel a rage that won't abate. I mean why fuck up the layout? Why make it hard to find things MS? WHHHHYYYY???

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