Mint Lip Gloss – Short Story – Creative Writing

I wrote this in Creative Writing when we had to bring in an object and write about it. My object was mint lip gloss.
Mint Lip Gloss
Mint burns her lips and makes them swell. She breathes in the mint lip gloss, her nostrils hot and stinging. Her boyfriend looks at her and smiles; seemingly unaware of how much his gift makes her hurt.
She glares at him, pursing her lips as they tingle. She calls him an ass and flings the lip gloss at him, her boyfriend blinking and giving her one of his strange looks (that also makes him seem superior at the same time).
He tries to coddle her. Call her honey-pie and wrap his thick, big, suffocating arms around her. She reacts by pushing through his arms, throwing all her body weight into her escape. Free, she takes two large steps and spins around. Her voice comes out wavering, maybe with a touch of hysteria, but she doesn’t admit it to herself at the time. She yells at him and says he doesn’t truly care, and if he did care, as he obviously doesn’t, he’d know mint lip gloss was the bane of her lips existence. That when she applies mint lip gloss, her lips feel swollen and enter levels of volcanic heat.
Of course, he replies, “baby don’t say that.” And those words follow various pleas and some more self indulgence on his part about how he’s a foolish man, but really loves her, and she needs to forgive him for his faults. Which of course is all bullshit.
She shouts at him, bringing up various mistakes in the past until he starts to freeze, his face changing from a smile into a thin frown. He turns to walk away, done with her accusations, done with pleading for forgiveness over something so trivial and woman-like. She throws the mint lip gloss at his back and his body tenses. He reaches down and grabs the mint lip gloss and tucks it away in his jean pocket.
“Whatever,” he says. “I tried.”
She hears the door close and his footstep crunch down the gravel path. She stands stunned for a moment, her lips soft, the burning sensation leaving. The taste of mint on her lips.

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3 Responses to Mint Lip Gloss – Short Story – Creative Writing

  1. Drake Sigar says:

    Mint doesn't belong anywhere outside of toothpaste!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment! (Well, except for in chocolate…)

  3. Drake Sigar says:

    And maybe mint sauce.

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