Facebook vs. Twitter

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I am not the biggest Tweeter or Facebooker in the world. My use of Twitter comes down to tweeting about this blog when I update it, and Facebook I randomly use to update my status. Twitter has become a professional media device, while Facebook is more casual and personal. So really, it is all about professional vs. personal social media.
When I use Twitter, I tweet blog updates and follow other CreCommers and famous people. I try to make engaging sentences for my tweets, limited by 140 characters. It is purely professional for the most part, my Twitter account being a representation of my web persona. It’s a PR tool for me to get my word out about school and blog related activities. On Twitter, I don’t divulge personal information or talk about how my cat just hurled on my favourite jacket – but I will on Facebook.
Facebook is a more relaxed space. As I’m not a superstar, my Facebook account is used for my own personal benefit to keep in contact with friends. I don’t have teachers on my Facebook, or people related to work; on Facebook I don’t have to as closely monitor what I say, or care about what audience I am reaching. I don’t think about who my latest Facebook status will benefit. Facebook is a place where I can talk about the awesome fantastic sandwich I bought and make meet-up dates with friends.
Facebook can be used as a PR tool, but then it needs to have a focus. I will have to go out of my way to make a group that people will want to join, or make an account that serves my professional needs, never to discuss how watching Vampire Diaries while sipping hot cocoa is the best thing ever. 
In the end, both Twitter and Facebook can be used for PR, but you have to decide on an angle for each one. Twitter for me is a professional medium, while Facebook is a personal one.

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2 Responses to Facebook vs. Twitter

  1. Drake Sigar says:

    That’s an apt conclusion. I tried Twitter a while back but found it completely unsuitable for my needs.

  2. KDW says:

    Yeah, I find it really hard to update my Twitter account. I never know what to put… so I end up not updating it at all.

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