I recently got Netfilx. Not because it seemed like the most amazing thing ever, but because the first month was free and I had a little time off to watch some TV (this being back in February when we had Reading Week at college). After the free month, the subscription was renewed, because well, they have some good programing.

Netflix isn’t the place you go for all the new releases and action packed jems, but for older TV shows, foreign films, independent movies, and documentaries, it has a good fledgling database. Without Netflix I never would have checked out Jekyll, a BBC program that takes a new spin on the old theories behind the original book, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde; Soap, a satirical and comical show that makes fun of soap themes and storylines; finished the first season of Community, a show about a ragtag team of community college students who join a study group; or watched strange but interesting movies like TIMER and Dragon Hunters. Hell, I even learned a few things by watching Terry Jones: Medieval Lives.

On the anime side, I’ve also been watching Soul Eater and trying to work my ways towards watching Hell Girl. They also have one of my favourite anime series, Seirei no Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit to watch. A anime that has sadly been neglected by many.

I don’t think Netflix is for everyone. If you like new releases and need to be on top of Hollywood’s A game, going through Shaw or MTS for your movie needs might be a better idea. But for me, I like how I can catch up on the oldies and watch indie films on the go. It’s a cheaper way to get your movie and TV fix.

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2 Responses to Netflix

  1. Anrea says:

    Oh sweetheart, I don't think you would have a bitter bone in your body.

  2. KDW says:

    Aww. Thanks Anrea ❤

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