Fable: The Journey and Kinect

Epona 2.0

I’ve played all 3 Fable games and I like the ideas Molyneux has behind each game (whether they work correctly or not). I think using Kinect for motion controls in Fable: The Journey is a neat idea, but I wonder how many people will buy into it.

I don’t own Microsoft’s Kinect and I don’t feel the need to. Neither do I own Sony’s Move. I already have the Wii and for me, that’s the only motion controller I need. Still, I like how Molyneux likes to push boundaries and how he always tries to change gaming — or rather tries to change people’s perspectives on how they look at gaming as a whole. But in the end, I’m not sure if that’s enough for people to throw down the dough for one game and a one time control free gaming experience.

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