The Colour of Magic – Movie Review

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The made for TV movie of The Colour of Magic (and The Light Fantastic) by Terry Pratchett, is a campy and fun movie that reminds me of Hollywood’s adaption of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It is a light-hearted romp that captures the essence of Terry Pratchett’s characters from the novels. Pratchett himself credited as “mucking about” in the credits.

The Colour of Magic follows piss-poor wizard Rincewind as he travels the Discworld with the world’s first tourist, Twoflower, and his multi-legged luggage. During their travels Rincewind and Twoflower must outrun Death himself and the overzealous wizard Ymper Trymon, who is trying to kill Rincewind. Rincewind being the unfortunate (and unwilling) spell incubator for an ancient and terrifying book called the Octavo. Ymper Trymon believing that the spell inside Rincewind and the spells inside the Octavo will make him the most powerful wizard in Discworld.

Running approximately 189 minutes, The Colour of Magic takes time to flesh out its characters, David Jason playing the disaster prone Rincewind perfectly. Tim Curry is marvelous as the vindictive antagonist Ymper Trymon, his strained and angry facial expressions always played humourously for laughs. Sean Austin is a good Twoflower, always smiling with a finger on the flash button on his camera and his head in the clouds.

Content wise, there is nothing too horribly suggestive in The Colour of Magic.  And the few sexual quips in the movie are sure to bypass younger kid’s heads. The violence is also pretty tame, most fights short and without bloodshed. The movie more about showing off its CGI effects then gore.

The Colour of Magic is fun fantasy for the whole family. Grownups will enjoy the humour and puns, while kids will like the fight scenes and special effects. The plot is a bit silly at times and loses its self in humour, but the interesting characters, all well played by the leading cast, will keep people watching.

Any fan of Pratchett’s should check this adaption out, and any people wanting to test the waters before delving into the multi-book Discworld series, will hopefully come out of the movie wanting to read the novels.

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