My Top Ten Anime Of All Time – #7 Fantastic Children

Fantastic Children DVD Cover - from

7. Fantastic Children: I’m not gonna lie. When I first started watching Fantastic Children, I was bored to tears. I didn’t get it. The pacing felt too slow, the plot line dragging on forever as nothing seemed to happen in the first few episodes. But by the end of the series I was sobbing and my mind was blown by how events had unfolded. It is an anime that fans of mystery and sci-fi (and just anime in total) should watch at least once. I don’t even want to talk about the story line too deeply in fear that I might give something away. Just watch it.

Fantastic Children surrounds the mystery of a group of white haired kids, who have been spotted across Europe over a span of 500 years. They are called “Berfort Children,” named after a fictional town in Belgium where they were first seen in 1489.

The Berfort Children

In 2012 a young boy named Tohma meets a girl named Helga and is pulled into the secrets of her past and the mystery that surrounds the Berfort Children. Helga trying to find out the secrets behind a series of paintings that haunt her, and why she keeps on having visions of an old monument.

The plot for Fantastic Children is thought provoking and meaningful with twists and turns that will tug on your heart strings and make your head spin. I would say more on the topic, but anything more would be too spoilery. However it is safe to say that I haven’t watched an anime that has made me feel so many different emotions in the last few episodes since Fantastic Children.

A hint of what is to come - from TV Tropes

The dub for Fantastic Children is awful. Don’t listen to it unless you are a hardcore dub fan. The dub loses a lot of poignancy in translation and the voice actors are just plain horrible. The sub on the other hand is well done, each voice actor suiting their roles.

Fantastic Children is an unfortunate anime that has been looked over for flashier titles. The DVD cover is plain and the name sounds like a title of a bad sci-fi movie. But if you take a chance on Fantastic Children, you will find out that the title is true to form and that this anime is an overseen gem.

KDW’s embarrassing side note: I really don’t have one for this anime. So… umm… when I was around twelve I dreamed up fanfiction that featured me and Trunks. Yeah. /Fails.

Look at this fine piece of ass. I know you did too 😉 - taken from the geocities archive


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