My Top Ten Anime Of All Time – #6 Kurau: Phantom Memory

The S.A.V.E. DVD is cheap to buy

6. Kurau: Phantom Memory: I like Kurau: Phantom Memory because of the plot, but also because I really like both female protagonists Kurau and Christmas.

As a young girl, Kurau visits her father’s laboratory where he is researching “Rynax Energy,” which he hopes to be a new alternative energy source. But the experiment goes horribly wrong and Kurau’s body is taken over by two sentient beings — a Pair of Rynax. One Rynax is too weak to awaken, but the other awakens and she and Kurau merge, staring a symbiotic relationship. This enables Kurau to gain extraordinary and inhuman abilities.

Kurau and Christmas - from

Ten years later, the second Rynax emerges from Kurau (literally) in the form of a young girl named Christmas. The two bonding and acting like sisters.

Together Kurau and Christmas meet other Rynax Pairs as they try to outrun the Global Police Organization who wants to destroy all Pairs as they are seen as a treat that could endanger the world.

Kurau: Phantom Memory kept me captivated from start to finish. Kurau is an amazing female protagonist as she is strong and loving, looking out for Christmas however she can. Christmas on the other hand is sweet and caring, but she is strong willed and is always willing to do anything to protect Kurau. They make each other happy, the love between the two felt whole heartily through the series. The sister dynamic in Kurau something that other sister driven shows should aspire too.

Kurau and Christmas looking happy

Both sub and dub contain a talented bunch of voice actors. This is another anime where watching the anime subed or dubed comes down to personal preference.

Kurau: Phantom Memory is on my Top Ten List because it gives me two kickass heroines, an interesting sci-fi action plot, questions scientific ethics, and asks the viewer to think about what the word “family” means.

KDW’s embarrassing side note: Back in 7th grade me and my friend decided that we’d skip school to watch Dragon Ball Z. So we phoned in sick for each other, trying to emulate our mothers’ voices. But when push came to shove, we were too chicken shit and went back to school. But by then school wide panic had arisen.

Two of my teachers hurried up to me as I enter class, their faces stricken with worry. They ambush me with questions having thought that I’d been kidnapped or been a part of a not so elaborate prank. Scared and pale faced, I told them a not so witty white lie that I had felt sick and had called in, not thinking that I would make to school. I was then forgiven and continued learning stuff. At home, I was grounded.


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