My Top Ten Anime Of All Time: Numbers 4 to 1

Trying to get this blog up again. So here is the rush order of My Top Ten Anime Of All Time: Numbers 4 to 1.

4. Cowboy Bebop: Cowboys in space anime style. A great anime that a lot of anime fans first get exposed to (pre-Full Metal Alchemist). High octane level story complete with a sterling cast featuring the accomplished pickpocket and  hand to hand combat master Spike Spiegel; owner of the ship Bebop and best mate Jet Black; luscious and lovely Faye Valentine; oddball and hacker Ed; and Ein lab dog extraordinaire. As a bonus Cowboy Bebop contains great fight scenes, humour up the wazoo, and a storyline that might make the most manliest man shed a tear at the end. Cowboy Bebop is another classic anime that fans can watch subbed or dubbed.

3. The Twelve Kingdoms: A fierce and unlikable bitch becomes queen. Every queen has their story about coming into power and The Twelve Kingdoms just happens to star a very unlikable girl named Yoko. But as in all good stories, Yoko changes over time into an incredibly fierce and likable main character. Unfortunately, The Twelve Kingdoms anime was never finished so the anime ends on a cliffhanger. But don’t let that stop you from watching one of the most interesting and entertaining fantasy anime out there.

2. Seirei no Moribito (Morbito: Guardian of the Water Spirit): Another female centered fantasy series. Seirei no Moribito is about a bodyguard named Balsa who is assigned to protect Prince Chagum of the Imperial Family, as he bares the egg of the water spirit said to bring misfortune and destruction to the land. Running from Prince Chagum’s own father and his pack of hunters sworn to kill Chagum, Balsa shows impeccable skill and strength as a protector but also as a foster mother to Chagum. Like The Twelve Kingdoms, Seirei no Moribito is a great fantasy with a strong female lead, beautiful animation, and relatable characters that constantly move the plot forward.

1. Princess Tutu: You don’t have to like ballet to love Princess Tutu. In a small pond at the edge of a small town, a lonely duck watches a boy named Mytho dance across the water, wishing that she could be with him. When a strange story teller named Drosselmeyer grants her wish, the duck is changed into a girl named Ahiru (or Duck if you are watching the dub), as well as Princess Tutu, a beautiful princess who has sworn to protect Mytho and find all the missing pieces of his heart. The anime follows Ahiru as she restores pieces of Mytho’s heart, Mytho having lost the shards of his heart in a previous tale. Princess Tutu is based loosely on the ballet Swan Lake and incorporates many ballet moves, music, and fairy tales. Princess Tutu is a dark anime, but one filled with lots of hope, intriguing story telling, complex antagonists, and love triangles that will keep any fan interested until the last credit role.


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