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Robin Williams in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS Commercial

Aww. This video is actually really sweet. Robin and his daughter Zelda, named after Princess Zelda herself, are both self-professed The Legend of Zelda lovers. His daughter is also a pretty awesome actor as well (check her out in Were the World Mine). The beard … Continue reading

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Super Pokemon Scramble Trailer

The Pokemon franchise is back with Super Pokemon Scramble (sequel to Pokemon Rumble on the Wii), a Pokemon  Mystery/Pokemon Stadium hybrid. Looks alright. Graphics look pretty decent. As for gameplay… who knows yet. (High on mini games, I’m guessing.) Side note: I loved Pokemon Stadium … Continue reading

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Star Trek Video Game Trailer (E3 2011)

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto as Kirk and Spock hit the video game world. This doesn’t look half-bad as I’m getting Mass Effect tingles all over. But will it be good? Most movies that transition into video games suck ass. … Continue reading

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Fable: The Journey and Kinect

Epona 2.0 I’ve played all 3 Fable games and I like the ideas Molyneux has behind each game (whether they work correctly or not). I think using Kinect for motion controls in Fable: The Journey is a neat idea, but … Continue reading

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